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Headclickers is a game I developed with the help of TehSplatt for the 3rd Alakajam Gamejam. TehSplatt created all the art as well as doing the level design and collaborating with me on the game design.
I took care of all the programming, UI, audio, integration and setup within Unity.

The theme for the jam was ‘always growing’. We decided to make an FPS where growing numbers of enemies would spawn at a consistent time interval and where killing the enemies would give XP, allowing you to level up and gain abilities. Your score would be influenced on how you killed your enemy, and headshots, long distance shots and chaining kills together would be worth more points. The aim would be to level up as much as possible and this would double as a score.

Unfortunately we had overscoped for a weekend gamejam and had to cut the unlocking of abilities and limit the player to one weapon.
With these changes we still slightly missed the deadline for the ranked category that we were planning on submitting into however we were still able to submit into the unranked category.
Despite these issues, I was still happy with the game and what we were able to achieve in a little more than a weekend.