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Matchpoint is a tennis simulation game I worked on while employed at Torus Games as a programmer.
I got to work on wide variety of tasks on Matchpoint, including implementing gameplay systems like the training and mini-game modes, UI implementations, performance and memory usage optimizations and configuring game assets from the base art assets.

Working on Matchpoint also gave me experience using the Photon Quantum multiplayer engine. Because we implemented all the simulation logic in Quantum and Quantum is deterministic we were able to achieve cross platform multiplayer without writing any netcode/synchronization code. As long as the inputs are synchronized (which Quantum takes care of) then we are guaranteed the same result on both clients.
This meant all we really needed to worry about was just establishing a connection between two clients and ensuring there were no critical bugs in the simulation code and we got multiplayer support almost by default!

Matchpoint was also my first experience working on a console title and I was responsible for a large portion of the Xbox version including creating builds both for dev kit testing and for publishing to the Xbox store.
I was also responsible for meeting Xbox certification requirements including language support, correct input device handling, obeying crossplatform multiplayer rules and meeting performance and stability benchmarks.

Overall working on Matchpoint was a great experience for me and I got to learn a lot. I got the opportunity to work with a bigger team (although still small by game industry standards), work on a console title and work with a publisher.